Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. Here are a few of my favorite posts I’d recommend reading – the diamonds in the rough. They’ll help you get to know me and what this blog is about, and hopefully challenge you and draw you closer to God’s heart. Enjoy!

The ones where we discussed evolving faith.

The one about how homosexuality is a gospel issue – just not how you might think.

The one about how politics can’t save us

The one about pornography

The one about gays and the church

The ones where we dialogged about creation and evolution

The one about baptism

The one about Old Spice, BYU, and Christian creativity

The one where I ask what we should do with culture

The one about what the church does right

The one where I dream about how church could be

The one about celebrating Ramadan with Muslims

The one about the timeliness and timelessness of Scripture

The one about teaching in the church

The one about God healing my wife

The one about new wineskins

The one about filthy language

The one about the inspiration of Scripture

The ones about spending a week in the woods with some hippies