God Made Us to Be His Kingdom

As he opens his letter that we now call Revelation. the apostle John mentions something in passing that blew me away this morning. John tells us God “has made us to be a kingdom.”

That’s huge.

God has made US to BE the Kingdom.

The Kingdom isn’t some far off distant thing to hope for. The Kingdom of God isn’t distinctly separate from us that we can choose to participate in or not. We ARE the Kingdom. At least, that’s what we’re MADE to be. US. You and me. Together, doing the best we can in Jesus’ power and grace.

When Jesus teaches us to pray, “Father, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven,” it’s not a plea for something else to come, it’s a calling and a challenge to US to realize we’re already here.

When you’re wondering what your calling is, start by being the Kingdom to the people around you.

When you’re wondering where the Kingdom of God is, look in a mirror and remember Jesus’ words: the Kingdom of God is within you.

We are meant to be the Kingdom. You are meant to be the Kingdom personified. You are meant to be love and mercy and grace and forgiveness and compassion to the people around you — and to yourself.

Go be the Kingdom! Go be what you were made to be!

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