About Me

I’m Matt — lover of Shelly, father of Eli and Sim, follower of Jesus, writer of ideas, hiker of trails, builder of living room forts, camper of lakes and mountains, player of video games, runner of 10k’s, drinker of fountain sodas, Sam Adams and Jack & Cokes, consumer of fruity chewy candy, quoter of Arrested Development, and watcher of football.

Jesus is not simply the most important thing in my life – he is my life. As an ancient follower of Jesus once wrote, “in him we live and move and have our being.”

I follow Jesus because I believe he offers us all the chance to take part in the redemption of God’s creation – to live life the way God intended it to be back before we humans screwed it up. I believe the world is being redeemed, and that God has chosen us, his once “very good” creations, to work through to accomplish it. I believe Jesus when he said he came not to condemn, but to offer us “abundant life” — and I try to live that message out in my relationships with others.

I am married to an incredibly beautiful and amazing woman named Shelly. Her laugh is the best sound and her smile the best sight in all the world. We have two impossibly sweet boys (a seven- and a five-year-old) who have completely stolen my heart to depths I never dreamed possible.

I’ve been burned by church and burned out on church, but I love the church because Jesus does. I am striving to find Jesus in the midst of the mess we’ve made and passionate about helping others do the same. This blog will hopefully reflect those passions and desires in an encouraging, uplifting, and empowering way.